Kris tinawag ni Gretchen na ‘Queen of All Fixers’, pati si Kim Henares idinamay na rin

By Alex Brosas January 23,2019
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Kris tinawag ni Gretchen na ‘Queen of All Fixers’, pati si Kim Henares idinamay na rin

By Alex Brosas January 23,2019
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SINAGOT ni Gretchen Barretto ang aria ng lawyer ni Kris Something na hindi naging fixer si Kris sa tax problems ng isang businesswoman.

La Greta posted the statement of Kris’ lawyer but her reaction was scathing, “Want to see a classic example of a non-denial denial?

“Notice how shrewd and deceptive her divine lawyers are by qualifying that the Queen of All Fixers did not intervene for Alice in wonderland in any PENDING tax case.

“Obviously, the sawsaw tax case happened during Miss (Kim) Henares’ stint as BIR Commissioner, who also happens to be currently the Queen of All Fixer’s personal accountant.

“And what’s this I heard from inside her camp? She called up Claudine (Barretto) to tell my parents that she will file a case against me & put me to jail and asked them for help in destroying me. What is this, a tag team wrestling match? Can’t a ‘Queen’ handle it herself?

“At least si Nicko, she said ‘ipapapatay kita sa pamilya ko. With me, she wants ‘ipapapatay kita sa pamilya MO.’ And of course ARTEcaria Queen couldn’t help to look in the mirror and say she was previously a number one taxpayer.

“But why should we care about that when you helped fix Alice in wonderland Eduardo hefty amount of taxes.”

Marami ang nag-react sa post na ‘yon ni La Greta.

“Gretchen has a track record of falling out with people kahit pamilya niya pa in the name of truth.
“I believe Gretchen does have aces in her cards otherwise hindi naman siya magsasalita. In a way I like her courage shes a lone she wolf who doesn’t need a pack,” said one fan.

“Why you guys defending Kris? Tax evasion is a crime. Kim Henares is after Manny Pacquiao noon yun pala sila sila lang ang naglalakaran ng pandaraya sa buwis ng kani kanilang kaibigan. That’s not right.

“Greta is fearless to spill it out. For sure there is a reason pero di natin malalaman sana kung di kumalat ang mga drama nila. Kakampihan nyo si Kris dahil si Greta ay kabit lang? Kabit nga si Greta but never nagkasakit ng sexual disease.”

“Source please besides Gretchen. Is there a big empty space between your ears? Kris pays millions in taxes so why can’t she doctor her own taxes first? Those digits don’t lie,” ang pagtatanggol ng isang fan ni Kris.

“She simply can’t coz she’s the daughter and sister of 2 presidents, she’ll be under scrunity but the audio don’t lie,” sagot naman ng fan ni La Greta.

Hindi nagpatalbog si Nicko Falcis at may recent aria din siya kay Kris.

Very revealing ang kanyang last pharagraph where he said that Kris is indeed running in 2022 elections.

“A death threat is a death threat and should never be taken lightly. Saying it was a bluff is your QUICK FIX to everything.

“You said it yourself when you filed cyber-libel against my brother, Isn’t it logical to assume that the resbak will be major? Because it’s the sole member carrying the last name who is keeping the legacy alive that came under attack. You premeditated everything.

“You told me to go abroad and when I did, threatened me to not to dare step in this country or I will be dead. It was all apparently part of your script to project my absence as ‘flight is guilt’ and you harassed me for four months to play along — but I REFUSED.

“I will never forget that you instructed your lawyers for my mom to ask for forgiveness because you got hurt that I am leaving you and KCAP — but she REFUSED.

“You have a serious mental problem. I did not steal anything from you, it was you who stole my reputation, my freedom, and my relationships. But you will not be successful because the public has now seen your attempted robbery.

“Try FIXING your life first before FIXING for others! PS: We both know you want to run in 2022 because it’s your so-called destiny. After the sickness drama, you’re back to being healthy. You just needed an excuse for missing a lot of your work last year.”

‘Yan ang aria ni Nicko sa kanyang Instagram account. Any comment, Kris?

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