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More NBA historic firsts

EARL Lloyd broke the color barrier in the National Basketball Association (NBA) by becoming the first black man to play in the league on Halloween night in 1950. And there are more historic firsts for African-Americans in the world’s ultimate cage forum. All-time great and Hall of Famer Bill Russell, the winningest player in NBA […]

NBA’s first black player

ONCE a lily-white American pro basketball league, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is now dominated by African-Americans. The NBA, in fact, has the highest percentage of black players in any of the four major professional team sports leagues (baseball, basketball, football and hockey) in the United States and Canada. A survey showed that 74.2 percent […]

24-second shot clock

WHY did the professional National Basketball Association (NBA) peg its shot clock at twenty-four seconds starting in the 1954-55 season? The NBA could have simply followed the 30-second shot clock rule utilized by the basketball world-governing body International Basketball Federation at the time. (The FIBA was established in 1932.) Or the NBA could have just […]

First NBA game

SEVENTY-two years ago on November 1, the first National Basketball Association (NBA) game was held. To the uninitiated, the American professional league was still named the Basketball Association of America (BAA) at the time and it fought the rival National Basketball League (NBL) for the services of the best post-graduate players from America. Established in […]

Historic NBA moments

THERE have been a lot of significant developments in the National Basketball Association (NBA) since its inception in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America. Among them were a couple of earth-shaking moves that occurred on October 30 and 31. It was on October 30, 1954 that the NBA instituted a major rules change that […]

NBA is here again

SEVENTY-THREE years and counting. The 73rd renewal of the National Basketball Association will unwrap on October 16 (October 17, PH time) with two games on tap. In the first of a doubleheader, the Philadelphia 76ers, bannered by All-NBA candidate Joel Embiid and last season’s Rookie of the Year awardee Ben Simmons, travel to Boston’s TD […]

Playing for second place?

ARE 29 teams in the forthcoming 2018-19 National Basketball Association season simply playing for second place? In a survey among NBA general managers, 87 percent of those polled said the Golden State Warriors would win their third straight title this season – and fourth in five years – this season and become the first team […]

Mental health issue in NBA

MENTAL health is a hot topic in the National Basketball Association (NBA) nowadays, much so after Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers) and DeMar DeRozan (San Antonio Spurs) publicly admitted that they have suffered panic attacks, anxiety and/or depression during the games and were seeking treatment. According to Houston Rockets assistant coach John Lucas, who was banned […]

NBA season is in the air

TODAY, September 25 (PH time), is the first allowable date for veteran NBA players to report to their teams (no earlier than 11 a.m. local time). The following day (Sept. 26) is the start of training camp for all other NBA teams outside of Dallas and Philadelphia, which opened last September 22 as both are […]

Road to FIBA World Cup

THE fourth of the six “windows” of the FIBA Basketball World Cup men’s qualifying tournaments in the four different confederations have just been completed. Only a dozen teams in each confederation, divided into two groups of six apiece, are left to contend for the 31 tickets to the 32-team FIBA Basketball World Cup to be […]

Letter to a son

Dear son, THIS is the time of the year that I enjoy tickling your heart with some encouraging words. How time really flies. You are now in your fourth year of high school basketball at Philadelphia High School. Yes, I get it, you have earned it through hard work and perseverance. That is not even […]

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