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Nirvana in my mind

ALLOW me to bring you to memory lane while awaiting the resumption of the high school basketball leagues I have been covering since October. Yesterday when I was young was one of the happiest moments in my life. Care-free my life was as a youngster (up until I came out of high school in 1972). […]

2020 NBA All-Star Game

THE 2020 NBA All-Star Game to be held at the United Center in Chicago on February 17, 9:00 a.m. Manila time marks only the third time in NBA All-Star Game history (since 1951) that the Windy City plays host. The first two came in 1973 and 1988, both at the Chicago Stadium. The league had […]

Dame time

SCORING 50 points in a National Basketball Association (NBA) seems rather easy nowadays. And the 1,230-game regular grind of the 2019-20 season has yet to make it past the All-Star break in mid-February. Damian Lillard, the high-scoring All-Star of the Portland Trail Blazers, had three of such kind in February, including a league-season high 61 […]

Tragic January for NBA

WHAT a tragic January it had been for the NBA family. There were a pair of deaths involving an NBA personality during the month. Crossing the Great Beyond were the following: Former NBA commissioner (1984-2014) David Joel Stern, who died on New Year’s Day after collapsing due to brain hemorrhage last December 12. Kobe Bean […]

Gone too soon

BEFORE Kobe Bryant, the last NBA active or retired player to die from an air crash was Nick Vanos on August 16, 1987. Then 24 years old, the 7-foot-1 Vanos, a native of San Mateo, California and a product of Santa Clara University, was a member of the Phoenix Suns when the Northwest Airlines Flight […]

Mamba… out

IT was a horrible news. I had hoped it was only fake news. But the reality was it was not. RIP Kobe Bryant. The all-time Los Angeles Lakers and National Basketball Association (NBA) great died in a fiery Sikorsky S-76 helicopter crash in foggy conditions at 10:00 Sunday morning Pacific time (2:00 a.m. January 27 […]

Stunning win for Jubileeans

JUBILEE Christian Academy boosted its title-contending status with a stunning 71-59 victory over erstwhile unblemished Saint Jude Catholic School last Sunday in the Boys Juniors division of the 7th Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association (PCYAA) basketball competitions at the Uno High School gym. It was the third consecutive victory in as many assignments for the […]

Pace Academy on a roll

Team Standings: Boys Juniors Basketball – Pace Academy (2-0), Saint Jude Catholic School (2-0), Jubilee Christian Academy (1-0), Grace Christian College (1-1), Uno High School (0-1), St. Stephen’s High School (0-2), MGC New Life Christian Academy (0-2) and Philippine Cultural College (X-X) Girls Juniors Volleyball – Pace Academy (2-0), MGC New Life Christian Academy (1-0), […]

Tacko is the new Zaza

WITH David Joel Stern’s passing on New Year’s Day (January 1) afternoon (U.S. time) at age 77, all four predecessors of current NBA commissioner Adam Silver have crossed the Great Beyond — Maurice Podoloff (the league MVP hardware is named after him), J. Walter Kennedy (the NBA Citizenship Award is named after him), Lawrence O’Brien […]

All set for 7th PCYAA basketball

IT’S back to the salt mines for this Hoopster. Juniors competitions in the boys and girls divisions of the 7th Philippine Ching Yuen Athletic Association (PCYAA) basketball competitions among the eight Chinese-Filipino member schools in the Metro Manila area will unwrap on Saturday, January 11, at 12 noon at the Uno High School gym in […]

NBA New Year’s Day feats

THE year 2019 ends today and the year 2020 unwraps tomorrow, that is according to the Gregorian calendar. It is a solar calendar that is named after Pope Gregory XIII and is used in most parts of the world since October 1582. It consists of 12 months and there are 28 to 31 days in […]

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