Parable of the talents

By Fr. Dan De Los Angeles November 22,2017
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Parable of the talents

By Fr. Dan De Los Angeles November 22,2017
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November 22, 2017
33rd Week
in Ordinary Time
1st Reading:
2 Mac 7:1,20-31
Gospel: Luke 19:11-28

Jesus was now near Jeru salem and the people with him thought that God’s reign was about to appear.

So as they were listening to him, Jesus went on to tell them a parable. He said, “A man of noble birth went to a distant place to have himself appointed king of his own people, after which he would return.

Before he left, he summoned ten of his servants and gave them ten pounds. He said: ‘Put this money to work until I get back.’ But his compatriots who disliked him sent a delegation after him with this message: ‘We do not want this man to be our king.’

“He returned, however, appointed as king. At once he sent for the servants to whom he had given the money, to find out what profit each had made. The first came in and reported: ‘Sir, your pound has earned ten more.’

“The master replied: ‘Well done, my good servant. Since you have proved yourself capable in a small matter, I can trust you to take charge of ten cities.’ The second reported: ‘Sir, your pound earned five more pounds.’ The master replied: ‘Right, take charge of five cities.’

“The third came in and said: ‘Sir, here is your money which I hid for safekeeping. I was afraid of you for you are an exacting person; you take up what you did not lay down and reap what you did not sow.’

“The master replied: ‘You worthless servant, I will judge you by your own words. So you knew I was an exacting person, taking up what I did not lay down and reaping what I did not sow! Why, then, did you not put my money on loan so that when I got back I could have collected it with interest?’

“Then the master said to those standing by: ‘Take from him that pound, and give it to the one with ten pounds.’ They objected: ‘But, sir, he already has ten!’

‘I tell you: everyone who has will be given more; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. As for my enemies who did not want me to be king, bring them in and execute them right here in my presence.’”

So Jesus spoke, and he went on ahead of them, on his way to Jerusalem.

(Daily Gospel in the
Assimilated Life

The Master was happy with the output of two of his servants who had multiplied the money he had entrusted. As a reward he gave them some cities to serve. Why didn’t he give them a few days of holiday instead? In God’s hierarchy of values, to chance to serve is a premium gift.

The two servants did not have equal outputs. One gained ten while the other gained five. But the Master was equally pleased with the two of them. In God’s hierarchy of values dedication is pleasing enough regardless of the magnitude of the output. – (Atty.) Rev. Fr. Dan Domingo P. delos Angeles, Jr., D.M.

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