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Triple-double machine

WHERE have all the scouts gone? Here is an athletic 12-year-old basketball-playing kiddie who has taken a league by storm even as not many hoop personalities outside the Chinese-Filipino community have taken notice despite him producing a streak of six consecutive triple-doubles during one stretch, including an unprecedented quadruple-double. A 5-foot-8 frontliner, Josh Charles Ong […]

Loyalty in the NBA

THERE is not much loyalty in the National Basketball Association. That is if we are to believe a pair of battle-scarred superstars in the world’s top professional league. Kevin Durant of the reigning NBA titlist Golden State Warriors opted to leave his original employer for a championship team while German-born Dirk Nowitzki opted to take […]

One-sided loyalty

JUST like love and marriage, loyalty is a two-way street. But that is not happening in the National Basketball Association, where players have been at the mercy of their team ‘owners’ despite free agency and all. Okay, I place the word ‘owner’ in italics because its use is despicable, according to outspoken Golden Warrior Draymond […]

Caidic’s scoring feat

THIS is one of the most memorable moments in local pro basketball history that is worth telling and retelling. Hoop fans from Generation X may not even have known this historic event unless their dad or grandpa had told them about it many moons ago. It was 26 years ago on November 21 that Allan […]

Lonzo Ball’s NBA record

FOR all his much-publicized shooting woes, Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball has already set a new National Basketball Association (NBA) record this early into the 2017-18 wars. Last November 11, Ball became the youngest player in NBA annals to collect a triple-double (double figures in any three of the five major statistical categories) when […]

PCYAA Season 5

IT will be a long nine-day sabbatical for the students in the Metro Manila area starting Saturday, November 11, due to the country’s hosting of the Association of Southeast Nations (ASEAN) Summit. Even as classes (November 11-19, including twin Saturdays and Sundays) are suspended during the period, a drawn-out basketball-related work it will be for […]

LeBron’s scoring streak

AT 32, The King still rules even if his Cleveland Cavaliers are going some rough times – perhaps the roughest in his illustrious 15-year pro tenure – in the early goings of the 72nd National Basketball Association campaign. At the very least, LeBron James’ offensive wizardry has not diminished a bit. Going into tomorrow’s playdate […]

A change of heart

IN a stunning 180-degree turnaround since he held the National Basketball Association reins from February 1984 to February 2014, former league commissioner David Joel Stern is now in favor of marijuana use by players for medical purposes. The 75-year-old Stern, who is widely credited for the immense popularity of the NBA in the U.S. and […]

First ever NBA game

SEVENTY-one years ago on November 1, the first National Basketball Association (NBA) game was held. To the uninitiated, the professional league was still named the Basketball Association of America (BAA) at the time and it fought the rival National Basketball League (NBL) for the services of the best post-graduate players from America. Established in 1946, […]

Changes in NBA rules

THERE are a number of rule modifications in the 72nd renewal of the U.S. National Basketball Association, which unwrapped a week ago. They include: reducing the total number of timeouts, shortening the length of timeouts, tightening up the halftime break, and restricting how many timeouts can be called in late-game situations. The idea on the […]

A horrific sight on TV

IT was the fourth time that I have witnessed on television a gruesome player injury on a basketball floor, the most recent of which was what happened to All-Star forward Gordon Hayward yesterday during his Boston debut (following seven seasons with the Utah Jazz) and in the opening game of the National Basketball Association’s 2017-18 […]

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