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Athletes above officials

THERE’S no doubt that Philippine sports is in the doldrums because of the incompetence and arrogance of its self-styled leaders. I then ask: If you our readers happen to be an avid follower of Philippine sports, which would you prefer to support? 1. A Philippine delegation to a regional sports event that is funded with […]

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One step closer to title

THE single-elimination phase of the ongoing FIBA Asia Cup competitions in Beirut, Lebanon started yesterday following the completion of the round-robin elimination phase among the 16 participating countries divided into four groups of four teams each. Enjoy their early vacation were India (Group A), Qatar (Group B), Kazakhstan (Group C) and Hong Kong (Group D). All […]

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The FIBA Asia Cup

WHEREAS it used to be the qualifying tournament to the FIBA Basketball World Cup (formerly the World Basketball Championship) or Summer Olympics, the ongoing FIBA Asia Cup (named as such for the first time after being called the Asian Basketball Confederation and FIBA Asia Championship in the past) being staged at the Nouhad Nawfal Stadium […]

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Basketball mercenaries

HOW precious is the Filipino citizenship of Juan dela Cruz? To many, it’s a badge of honor so sacred that he would even be so willing to die for his country. Let no one cheapen or trifle with the word “Filipino.” It is priceless and not for sale to the highest bidder. You may sell […]

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Young Korean prospect

WITH the influx of Koreans matriculating in various schools in the Metro Manila area during the last decade or so, it’s no small wonder that the more athletic ones have also taken up the national pastime of Filipinos that is basketball. It did not take long for Korean Youth Basketball to flourish with the establishment […]

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Is triangle still relevant?

IS the triangle offense still relevant in today’s basketball scene? Modern-day basketball, at least in the sport’s flagship league National Basketball Association, is slowly devaluing the importance of the big men in the middle – the traditional dinosaurs that were the alpha dogs of their teams during the halcyon days of George Mikan, Bill Russell, […]

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NBA ‘trade’ game

LET’S play a game. Assuming you are in the front office of a National Basketball Association team, say, its president of basketball operations, or the general manager. And you have to come up with a decision one way or another. Here’s a second-tier player who is still under contract but posts in his Facebook account […]

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Tallest NBA players

HEIGHT is might in basketball, a game best served to tall men and women. Since Canadian physical education instructor Dr. James Naismith invented the game in mid-December 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts to keep young students in good physical shape during the cold months (winter) in the United States, international basketball has been dominated by athletes […]

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NBA Summer League

TO most star-caliber veterans and a few topnotch rookies, the various Summer Leagues sanctioned by the National Basketball Association do not mean anything. But for the lesser lights, such as the marginal youthful veterans looking to retain their spot in the lineups of the 30 member clubs when the NBA’s 72nd renewal unwraps in late […]

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Richest NBA contract

MOVE over, Wardell Stephen Curry II, a two-time National Basketball Association Most Valuable Player (2015 and 2016) who on June 30 agreed to a new five-year, $201-million deal with the reigning league titlist Golden State Warriors. That’s because one week and a day later, the record for the richest contract in NBA history no longer […]

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NBA super-max deal

WHILE National Basketball Association (NBA) teams have been negotiating with veteran free agents and reaching trade agreements since the free-agency derby began last July 1, no contract signing can be consummated until noon of July 6 (or July 7, 12:00 a.m., Manila time) when the league-imposed moratorium ends and the league’s team salary cap for […]

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